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Information about Organic India Ashwagandha Veg CapsuleOrganic India Ashwagandha Capsule is a natural treatment for low energy states and general exhaustion. It is also useful for those who have a tendency of contracting infections, cold and flu. It is a powerful anti-stress agent that helps in reli..
Information about Organic India Brahmi Veg CapsuleOrganic India, Brahmi capsules helps in memory loss due to ageing, lack of concentration, mental & emotional stress, depression, leg oedema, swollen leg/ankles, venous insufficiency, varicose veins, and poor circulation. It is also useful in treatmen..
Information about Organic India ChyawanprashOrganic India Chyawanprash rightly called as “The Elixir of Life”, is a blend of 38 herbs that promote the overall health of our body. It is rich in antioxidants, strengthens the immune system, helps keep the heart, liver, other vital organs healthy. It is..
Information about Organic India Flaxseed Oil CapsuleOrganic India Flaxseed Oil Capsule provides omega 3 and supports heart health. It helps with cases of high cholesterol, low immune states, dry eyes, joint pain.Key Ingredients:Flax seed oilKey Benefits:It is a healthy source of Omega 3, high in fib..
Information about Organic India Flexibility Veg CapsuleOrganic India, Flexibility is natural anti inflammation supplement made with herbs. It provides joint pain relief without causing any kind of side effects...
Information about Organic India Heart Guard CapsuleOrganic India Heart Guard Capsule acts as a heart guard and it helps in maintaining cardiovascular health. It helps in cellular rejuvination and cardiac functioning.Key Ingredients:ArjunaReethaShaijanKey Benefits:Acts as antioxidant and protects hea..
Information about Organic India HoneyOrganic India Organic Wild Forest Honey is smooth, perfectly and irresistibly delicious while being a natural source of energy. It is also anti-bacterial, anti-ageing and helps with many nutritional deficiencies.Key Ingredients:Organic honeyKey Benefits:Is natura..
Information about Organic India LKC (Liver Kidney Care) CapsuleThe Organic India LKC Capsule are used to treat liver and kidney diseases like hepatitis, jaundice, and anaemia.Key Ingredients:Organic Bhumyamalaki Whole Herb (Phyllanthus Niruri)Organic Punarnava RootKatuki Rhizome with root (Picrorhiz..
Information about Organic India Moringa CapsuleMoringa Capsule is Contains Organic Leaf Powder of Moringa oleifera (Sahijan). The powder is produced by harvesting, drying then milling the the leaves of Moringa oleifera considered one of the most complete, nutrientdense plants on Earth. Its leaves h..
Information about Organic India Moringa PowderOrganic India Moringa Powder comes with a delicious flavor with 25% plant protein including all 9 essential amino acids, 24% fibre, rich source of iron, vitamin K & E, source of vitamin A & calcium, and antioxidants. It is a natural source of these nutr..
Information about Organic India Oh-Boy CapsuleOrganic India Oh-Boy Capsule is 100% natural, used in the treatment of low or diminshed male performance and strength. It helps in improving male sexual performance, strength and reproductive system. It is safe for long term use, safe for vegans & vegeta..
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