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Zandu Chandraprabha Vati

Zandu Chandraprabha Vati
Zandu Chandraprabha Vati
  • Quantity: 40 tablets
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  • Model: Pharma 180

Information about Zandu Chandraprabha Vati

An excellent remedy acting as Shamak, Balya, Rasayan & Mootral on Urinary tract & genital organs. It reduces inflammation in Urinary tract & acts as Vranaropak. Being Mootral it increases flow of urine in conditions such as hampered formation of urine & accumulation of excretory wastes. Also helpful in Mootrashmari by disintegrating the urinary calculi due to Ashmaribhedan & its removal.
Shuddha Shilajit, with a variety of herbs - calamus, nutgrass, guduchi, cinnamon, cardamom, triphala and chitraka, the five varieties of salt, and incinerated iron, topped off with bhavana of triphala decoction.
2 tablets every morning and evening with milk or water or as directed by physician. 

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